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Confirmed Pre-Conference Workshop Offerings

The registration fee for each workshop is $75, unless noted otherwise. All workshop registration fees are non-refundable unless a workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment. Each workshop must meet a 5 person minimum (10 person minimum for Precision Implementation Approach for Evidence-Based Perinatal Mental Healthcare). In the event the workshop you signed up for is cancelled, you may transfer to another at no cost, or receive a full refund of your workshop registration. 

Unless otherwise noted, each workshop is 2 hours long.

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How Different Qualitative Research Designs Can Bring Visibility to Invisible Phenomena in Perinatal Mental Health
Systematic Literature Searching
The Incorporation of Biomarkers into Research to Advance Discovery and Improve Patient and Family Outcomes
Professional Development
Writing for Publication
Perinatal Mental Illness in the Courtroom: Training the Expert Witness
Introduction to the Art of Holding in Therapy: Concepts, Skills and Tools for Intervention
Preventing Postpartum Depression: The PREPP Program, a Dyadic Approach Adjunctive to Obstetric Care
Utilizing Relational Assessment to Focus Mother-Infant Dyadic Therapy in the Context of Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Trauma History
Psychological Impact of Perinatal Death: Theory, Research and Best Practice
Mindfulness, Pregnancy, and Parenting: Skills to Prevent Depression Relapse and Promote Wellness
Working With Women with Severe Mental Illness in the Perinatal Period: Identifying and Managing Risk
Motivational Interviewing for Perinatal Behavioral Health Care Engagement

Precision Implementation Approach™ for Evidence-Based Perinatal Mental Healthcare

RE-AIM Framework